Major Fire at R & H Hall Grain Store in Ringaskiddy, County Cork 9/1/2021,



Cork County Fire & Rescue Service Statement

Cork County Council can confirm that an incident was reported in the R and H Hall Grain Store at 8.40am Saturday morning 9th January.  Crews arrived on site at 9.00AM with tenders from Carrigaline, Cobh and Crosshaven together with an aerial appliance from Midleton and a Command Vehicle from Bandon. 

There were no injuries reported as a result of this incident. The Port of Cork suspended all shipping operations in Ringaskiddy, however shipping is expected to resume in the morning.

The fire was brought under control at 10AM. The fire remains contained. Fire Service Crews are maintaining a presence on site to expose and extinguish any hot spots that may exist within the storage facility. As Fire Crews manage this incident and remove panels from the structures to access hot spots, any flare up may produce fresh smoke.

Cork County Council would like to reassure members of the public that this is a standard approach to managing an incident such as this, which involves natural, organic animal feed. Any smoke arising from the site is as a result of this organic animal feed material. Fire Crews will remain on site throughout the night.

Update Sunday 10th January @ 4pm

Update on the R&H industrial fire in Ringaskiddy port. After taking over from the night crew from Kinsale Fire Brigade who did a fantastic job of containing the fire and fighting it while we all rested up. We still have the fire under control but there are still small fires within the grain and seed compartments of the building.

They are proving hard to bash down but with the great determination and serious hard efforts put in by the crews here from Carrigaline Fire Brigade, Crosshaven Fire Brigade, Cobh Fire Brigade, Midleton Platform and Bandon Incident Command Unit. We have constant Breathing Apparatus Wearers commited into the building and the roof is being removed at present. ~
Carrigaline Fire & Rescue FB

Update Sunday 10th January @ 9pm

Unfortunatly we still havnt finished and the incident will go on untill tomorow with Kinsale taking the night shift accompanied by Cobh untill 2am. Then we will take back control of the incident at approx 5.30/6am. ~Carrigaline Fire & Rescue FB

Update Monday 11th January @ 9pm

Update on the R&H Hall Ringaskiddy Insdustrial Fire: Most of the internal fires have been extinguished and should be finished by tomorow. Ourselves and Crosshaven Fire Brigade have just left the scene in the hands of Cobh Fire Brigade for the night and we will be back in in the morning to take control again at 6am. Im sure enough we will be finishing tomorow so fingers crossed. 
~Carrigaline Fire & Rescue FB

Update Tuesday 12th January @ 12 midday

Carrigaline Fire & Rescue have relieved Cobh Fire Brigade from the nights shift as of 6am this morning. We have several awkward hotspots left to tackle in 4 out of the 11 compartments including some hotspots between the panels.

Once these are dealt with we are happy to leave the scene in the hands of the R&H Managment. We would like to thank everyone who has been so good to Cork County Fire Service while we have attended this incident we are greatly appreciative of your services and time.
 ~Carrigaline Fire & Rescue FB

Final Update Tuesday 12th January @ 6pm

We have finally finished fighting this monster of a fire and are very pleased and happy to hand it over to R&H managment. Final thanks to all the crews which include Crosshaven, Kinsale, Cobh, Midleton and Bandon Fire Brigaeds for their assistance with this beast! They all pulled in some serious hours and intense work.

Thanks to the Girls and Guys in our Regional Control Centre in Limerick Finally i would like to thank the crew here at Carrigaline Fire & Rescue CK35 for putting in a massive 110% effort. These guys have done everything and more than what was asked of them without hesitation! They are a very dedicated and extreamly hard working crew. Now we can finally go home and rest and spend some time with our families. ~Chris Gledhill Station Officer Carrigaline Fire & Rescue

Carrigaline Fire & Rescue Thank Yous


Just want to thank a few people over the past few days who really helped with looking after us with food and beverage. Would like to thank Maxol Carrigaline for providing us with breakfast roles, water and snacks. We would like to thank the girls who bring us Tea and Coffee during the day and night. And a thank you to Jerry Healy, Eilish Howard and head chef Peter Hennessy at the Carrigaline Court Hotel & Leisure Centre for providing us with complimentary hot meals. Much appreciated!

We would like to thank Laura Hanley and Lauren Lane from O'Crualaoi Butchers, Delicatessen & Party Food Specialists (Jannssen) who brought us lunch/dinner and Valerie, Matt and David Collins from Barry Collins' SuperValu Carrigaline who brought us Lunch.

Thanks again for Dee who brought us the flasks of Tea and Coffe and and for all the refills. Thanks to Lesley Anne Gledhill and Catherine O Driscoll for dropping the food to us the past few days. Much appreciated. Also a thanks to all the Heavy Machinery that helped in the ongoing operations today and the past few days

We would like to thank Paul and team from 3 Little Piggies who provided us with Lunch today and for John from Cork Dental Care for bringing us the food.

Cobh Fire Brigade would like to thank the Cross River Ferry for being ready to go on the Cobh side in order to get to the scene as quick as possible
~Carrigaline Fire & Rescue FB






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